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Hello! Jolly jubilee and all that. I’ve been at work all weekend so missed out on most of the revelries but am consoling myself by having the poshest breaky in The Table.

So anyway, still no cooker, too cold to barbecue so I’m afraid meaty cooking has been put on the (very) metaphorical back burner for a while. What I have been eating a lot of is this fabuloso salad – super summery and a doddle to make when you’re living in a DIY mountain.

Allie’s super summer salad

– couscous
– red pepper pesto
– fresh spinach
– cheese, I’ve used feta, soft goat or hallumi which are all yum
– 1 red or yellow pepper
– pumpkin seeds

Prepare the couscous by covering with boiling water and leaving to soak and then stir in a good spoon of pesto. Whilst its still warm, tear the spinach and mix in so it wilts a bit. Chop the pepper and the cheese and stir through. Top with the seeds. Eat warm or cold.


And this is the breakfast. Sweet corn fritters with tomato confit, spinach, eggs, yum yum yum.