Wow, I haven’t posted in May at all! There’s one big reason for that: we are moving, yep, packing up and leaving Cambridge, the place I’ve lived on and off for the past almost seven years, following that Tory blue-tinted dream of home ownership.

I am probably too sad about this, obviously we’ve moved around before – from a five minute post-club stumble back to college to a five min morning stroll to my fave coffee shop (the amazing Hot Numbers) but to be actually leaving is a bit c-razy! No more shopping up and down Mill Rd or afternoon Chelsea buns in Fitzbillies, no more hopping over the churchyard wall for a cider in the sun at the Blue. Just so many memories…




And we are moving to a small town – I’ve only ever lived in cities or in a tiny village where even the bus is a thirty min walk away. How to live in a town?

But it’s not all bad. There’s more space, walls to be painted and interior design muscles flexed and best of all, a kitchen with actual windows, and a patio door leading to our very own garden!



And besides Cambridge, we’ll be back. What’s an hours drive between friends anyway.

but, don’t have a cooker yet as spent the appliance budget on the smeg (woo) so no recipes for now.