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What a busy day! Allie was late home from work, so I’m in charge – I say in charge, but I was left with a shopping list and full instructions for Turkey Enchiladas. We had some turkey breasts in the freezer, so I was sent out to get:

  • a courgette
  • a jar of Passata
  • a green pepper
  • some soured cream
  • tortillas
  • cheese

I sliced the turkey, the courgette and the pepper, and fried them until they were cooked. I added some spices – some chilli powder, some spicy pimenton and some Moroccan spice mix (all the red ones), and fried some more. In a separate pan I finely chopped an onion and fried that for a bit, and then added the passata, and heated, I also added a little of my random red spice mix. Then I constructed the tortillas, put them in a baking dish and baked in the oven at 200 degrees for about half an hour. They were pretty yummy!

Thanks Tommy for my yummy tea after what has been a totally bizarre work day – you can tell those Olympics are getting close peeps.