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As it’s Thanksgiving, I met with my mostly-American, totally-Awesome friend Carl to celebrate the season with some good old fashioned American burgers. We went to MeatLiquor the latest project, and first permanent restaurant from the Meatwagon guys.

The restaurant is awesome, and v popular with a queue snacking down Welbeck Street. Inside the place looks amazing: a demonic butcher crossed with an old-school speakeasy. Obviously it suited us down to the ground. I only wish I hadn’t been on my way to work so could have sampled a few of the jam-jar cocktails.

We had classic burgers, mine cheese, Carl’s bacon and they were amazing. Really soft buns, yummy meat and loads of cheese. The best thing was that they weren’t absolutely massive (hello GBK…) so we still had room for fries and somehow soft-yet-crispy onion rings. Yum yum.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all xx