I read a really interesting article in the Evening Standard on my way home today (hastily grabbed as I ran in from the torrential rain which has hit London all of a sudden): ‘Dare you cook without a Book?‘ All about ‘liberating yourself from the set text’.

Now this was really interesting to me as I find it very difficult to ever follow a recipe (this would explain why I, for the most part, am a terrible baker). Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE cookery books, so much so, that we need to buy an extra bookshelf on which to house them. I read at least one a week, curled up on a Sunday afternoon with my largest mug of hot chocolate.

But I very rarely follow recipes, preferring to read for inspriration, then go with whatever ingredients I can find (celery is an acceptable onion sub right…?) And making things up as I go along…

I love the feeling that the end dish is really mine, and I’m not afraid to mess things up. I taste a lot as I go, which was why scotch eggs threw me, and rely on and trust my senses.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but had a lot of fun along the way. I would definitely advise putting Nigella, Hugh et al to one side and following your nose and heart once in a while.

What about you?