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Today was a day I’d been looking forward to since we returned from honeymoon – our wedding pressies arrived! All 9 massive John Lewis boxes of them.

I’d been especially looking forward to all the gorgeous new kitchen equipment that we chose and in particular the lovely dotty Emma Bridgewater crockery to replace our mismash of ex-uni plates and our new pans (including a much longed-for pressure cooker – yay!).

But it’s the Le Creuset that I really can’t wait to use. I am a Le Creuset nutter; can often be found stroking them in John Lewis! And so I’m crazily excited to start cooking with these two beauties…

Married life suddenly feels so real as we start unpacking everything. There was so much generosity at the wedding and this is just a continuation of it. Thanks so so much!

Now, where to put it all…..